Opinion: If Kvyat was replaced, maybe Verstappen should be too

Another race. Another Verstappen incident. Another wave of fans defending the young gun. He’s ruined his and Red Bull’s race results through self-error in every single race during 2018. Maybe it’s time for him to take a sabbatical?

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Why Red Bull will be on the pace in the Chinese Grand Prix

It’s no lie that Red Bull struggled to make any impressions on the front of the field during recent the Australian Grand Prix. Daniel Ricciardo suffered technical gremlins during the race while Max Verstappen managed to hold on for an unconvincing 5th place.

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Opinion: Lewis Hamilton’s media attention has dictated his 2016 performances

Which ever way you look at it, Lewis Hamilton is, without a doubt, one of the best drivers Formula One has ever seen. He’s gained fame and adoration for his flat out driving ability which leaves nothing out on the track. However, Hamilton is also extremely well known for his media antics off the track, publicizing most of his life through his social media accounts on Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram.

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