Drivers ahead of the first pre-season test in Barcelona last month. PHOTO: RED BULL CONTENT POOL.

Welcome to 2020 – and the new Green Flag F1

In 2020, Green Flag F1 has updated its look yet again – but this time, the content is also changing slightly. Here’s what you can expect this year.

The website will still contain unique stories, but these stories will have a greater focus on in-depth issues. The regular blogging model, despite the success, has become harder to sustain.

I, founder Steven Walton, have begun working full-time as a journalist covering daily news. Given the time commitments of this full-time work, it’s become substantially more difficult to cover every single race Formula 1 weekend.

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Therefore, most of the future content on Green Flag F1 will have a greater focus on features and longform Formula 1 journalism. I plan to peer deeper into the issues readers care about and answer the more complex questions.

One unfortunate downside of this honed focus is that stories will appear more sporadically. However, I promise the content will still have the same passion and dedication behind it.

Alongside longform features, there is also a greater emphasis on editorial content.

Racing Point’s RP20 on-track during pre-season testing in February. PHOTO: RACING POINT.

Editorials have a point-of-view and generally take a stance or state an opinion on a certain issue. The content of these editorials varies widely, but they are different from news stories and in-depth articles.

Standard posts on this blog try to present the facts as they are and let the reader make up their own mind. Editorials argue a point.

All in all, 2020 is going to be an exciting year of Formula 1.

After six days of testing, storylines are already emerging… from Mercedes and their DAS to the Force India clone.

Bring on 2020.

Steven Walton

I founded Green Flag F1 as my own personal blog in 2015. Since then, I have covered every season of Formula 1. I try to find fresh, unique, and interesting stories to write about. One of my goals is to produce content you cannot find anywhere else.

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