Red Bull’s Max Verstappen has high confidence for future races after catching Valtteri Bottas in the dying stages of the Canadian Grand Prix.

The Mercedes driver was fuel-saving in the final twenty laps of the race, despite having plenty of time to conserve fuel under the safety car.

“I was challenging Valtteri because he was fuel saving which shows our car was working well,” Verstappen said, with an obvious suggestion to superior fuel efficiency.

The Red Bull driver spent most of the second stint with a six-second gap to Bottas but closed that down to under-a-second by the race’s end.

Verstappen and Bottas made up the final two spots of the podium as both were unable to challenge the dominant performance from Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel.

Vettel gained the lead of the championship from the result after Lewis Hamilton had a difficult race filled with PU issues. 

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