Ferrari add classic twist to new number designs

Ferrari’s SF70-H just before FP1 for the 2017 Spanish Grand Prix, featuring a new nose number design.

Scuderia Ferrari’s new design of driver numbers on their cars, which has been introduced for this weekend’s Spanish Grand Prix, has provided an awesome memory back to their old classical days.

The FIA proposed a rule change for driver number size at last month’s Strategy Group Meeting, as they wanted to make it easier for fans to spot individual drivers.

Since 2007, Ferrari have run their cars with white numbers, outlined in black, of their red front bodywork, a historical touch that was present on their cars from 1950 to 1956.

1957 was the first year where Ferrari ran a black-colored number inside a white circle.

2017’s new design, introduced during Friday practice for the Spanish Grand Prix, actually harks back to the Ferrari 312T2 driven by Niki Lauda and Clay Regazzoni throughout the 1976 Formula 1 season.

This is made evident by the new design on the SF70-H shark-fin, which has a large black driver number inside a house-shaped pentagon outlined in classic Ferrari red.

A comparison of the engine cover number design of Ferrari’s 312T2 (left) and the Ferrari’s SF70-H.

The number design on the nose of the 1976 and 2017 cars are also extremely similar; both feature a black number appearing inside a white trapezium, outlined in Ferrari red.

A comparison of the nose number design of Ferrari’s 312T2 (left) and the Ferrari’s SF70-H.

The new design isn’t actually the most perfect omen for the team, as the 1976 season saw Niki Lauda lose the World Championship by a single point to James Hunt’s McLaren in the final race.

And although McLaren don’t look as though they can beat the Scuderia this season, Ferrari will be searching for any sort of good luck to prevail ahead of their extremely tight fight with Mercedes.

So, do you think this historically awesome number change bring with it a somewhat concerning superstition? Or, is superstition just superstition?

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