Opinion: T-Wing doesn’t belong on a Formula 1 car

The new Mercedes W08 sports a radical new aerodynamic innovation, the ‘T-wing’. But does Formula 1 need it?
2017’s new generation of Formula 1 cars has thrown up two surprising aerodynamic additions, the ‘T-wing’ and ‘shark-fin’.

The latter of the two I don’t have a problem with, but the new T-wing has, in my opinion, become an unaesthetic nuisance which yields no real aerodynamic gain.

So far, Mercedes, Ferrari, Haas and Williams are the only teams to run the technology. You can check out the different approaches in the gallery below.

Only four teams of the ten teams are running the T-wing, and they’re all spread across the field – proving that it isn’t a necessary addition to improve lap times drastically. It isn’t like the double-diffusor, which arguably was the key aero device to help Brawn GP to it’s Championship win in 2009.

So, if it isn’t necessary to achieving amazing lap time, than what is it there for? I wouldn’t mind if it was simply there for an aesthetic reason, but that’s the point, it just doesn’t look very good. It looks like a designer whacked it on in two seconds to squeeze an extra thousandth out of the car.

Perhaps cars without T-wings are so beautiful that Formula 1 felt it was doing something right by not having it. This is Formula 1, fans want V10s and close racing but get neither. Would it really be right for them to do something so good for once?

Steven Walton

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