Lewis Hamilton has adopted Nico Rosberg’s approach to a race weekend

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When asked about the championship situation, Lewis Hamilton’s response seems to show a likeness to the mindset of Nico Rosberg

Whenever anyone asks Nico Rosberg about the championship battle ahead of a race weekend, only one response can be heard. ‘I’m not concerned about the championship, I’m just trying to win each race as it comes’ is a typical answer the German has provided throughout 2016.

So it was quite interesting when Sky Sports F1 reporter, Craig Slater, asked both drivers about the current championship situation ahead of Friday practice for the Brazilian Grand Prix. As expected, Nico Rosberg said just what everyone was thinking, specifically: “I’m not starting to dream about what could or could not happen and I just take it as an individual race that I would like to win.”

But, Lewis Hamilton, rather surprisingly, had a very similar answer to Rosberg in terms of mentality ahead of the weekend. Generally Lewis has taken a ‘I’ll drive as fast as possible’ attitude to the races, but it somewhat appears this has disappeared for Brazil.

“I’m really not looking at anything else then trying to win the races,” he told Slater ahead of the first free practice session, which he would go onto top by just 0.096s. “It’s quite a simple viewpoint, but obviously a serious obstacle,” he elaborated.

Slater continued to push Hamilton, asking him whether or not winning the final two races would prove the Briton is the deserving champion. “I don’t know, I don’t really care. It doesn’t make any difference to me,” was Hamilton’s response, further proving he is only thinking of winning this weekend.

However, Hamilton hasn’t turned full Nico Rosberg as he did slightly discuss the championship with Slater. He made some very interesting comments which have stuck with me for the last hours. “no one remembers whether you were the ultimate better driver, they only remember who won the championship.” This perhaps best shows Hamilton’s current desperation.

Maybe adopting Rosberg’s attitude toward racing may help Hamilton in his quest for a fourth World Championship. The German has stepped up his game in 2016, winning nine races to Hamilton’s eight. 19 points now separate the pair with two rounds to go – a win in Brazil for Rosberg would ultimately seal his maiden championship.

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Steven Walton is an 18-year-old Journalism Student at the Ara Institute of Canterbury. He previously attended St Andrew's College in Christchurch, where he excelled at History and Classical Studies. Steven is the Editor-in-Chief at Green Flag F1 and spends most of his days living, breathing, and immersing in the Formula 1 world.

2 thoughts on “Lewis Hamilton has adopted Nico Rosberg’s approach to a race weekend

  1. Steve Walton, what kind of a journalist are you, it’s very hard for you to conceal your bias against Hamilton by assuming he has adopted Rosbergs approach, which he hasn’t, and you don’t have any real proof that he has. This is just an attempt to belittle him in any which way that you can, because at the end of the day, you all know that Rosbergs position was achieved by Hamiltons reliability issues, nothing more and nothing less.

    1. Sorry you feel this way about this piece. I do personally believe that despite Hamilton’s apparent reliability woes, Rosberg is actually leading the championship in genuine conditions. I think the championship positions this year can be viewed in two different perspectives – which one is right remains to be seen

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