Backlash over US Grand Prix’s Driver of the Day: Max Verstappen

pjimage-43Formula One has received a large backlash on Twitter over their decision to award Max Verstappen Driver of the Day at the US Grand Prix. The Red Bull driver suffered a disappointing race in which he started badly, pit at the wrong time, and then subsequently retired.

The idea is simple, fans vote for the driver they thought drove the best and whoever got the most votes win.

Just over an hour after the race finished, Formula One’s official Twitter account released the tweet below announcing the result. Within minutes, the comments streamed with disappointment over the choice.

The Driver of the Day competition was introduced at the beginning of 2016 as a way to better involve the fans. Originally the voting closed hours after the race – leaving time for an informed decision. But in the last few rounds, voting has ended as soon as the chequered flag falls. This has led to many fans simply choosing their favorite driver, regardless of the race he drove.

Driver of the Day has already drawn controversy this year when Rio Haryanto wasn’t awarded it in Melbourne, despite getting the most votes. It appeared many of the votes came from a large group of Indonesian fans who repeatedly voted for their hometown hero. Formula One released a statement over that incident saying: “In the interest of fairness, multiple votes identified as originating from the same source were not counted.” It’s interesting the same approach hasn’t been taken towards today’s controversy.

So we want to hear from you. Who do you think was the United Grand Prix’s Driver of the Day! #MaxWasNotDOTD

Steven Walton

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  1. I voted for Max for this reason. Voting during the race is nonsense, voting should take place AFTER the race has concluded, for obvious reasons. I hope this shows the FIA they need to change it back to voting after the race.

  2. Fans always vote for there ride, so the system will never work right. That is why a referendum also went wrong. So change the system to a big selected people of which is known they are realy interested in a right choise.

  3. I voted for Verstappen midway because it was a cool to watch him race. Then the DNF happened, his error happened and I wish I could have voted for somebody else, like Alonso. This in race voting is just stupid, after the race was so much better!

    • I agree, I stopped voting when they changed it to the end of the race, the new system makes me wonder why they even have it anymore!

  4. only one driver really shows up to be driver of the day Fernando Alonso it boggles the nind as to where max even got any vote throughout the laps that he did

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