Is there still ego problems between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg?

pjimage-26Wait, what? Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg might have fixed those ego problems! Extremely surprising I bet your saying. But it may not be as shocking as you think, there is some evidence which I believe really shows these two might actually be friends again!

PS. Let’s just mention that the photo above was taken this weekend! They’re both smiling, look! They really are! Like, I actually couldn’t believe when I tried to find a photo for this story Mercedes already had one with both drivers smiling – I actually thought I would have to dig quite a few years back!

Okay so firstly, we’ve becoming accustomed to watching the two Silver arrows arrive to Parc Ferme under the podium this season. Generally the routine is this: the one that has lost the race gets straight out of his car, high fives a few people and then goes and gets weighed. Meanwhile, the winner slowly gets out, does a celebration, points at the camera, high fives a lot of people and then goes to get weighed. This process happens almost every race and given the difference in timing: the drivers don’t interact.

But Singapore was different. Lewis Hamilton broke the routine and instead of going straight to get weighed he went over to Rosberg. As the race winner continued to celebrate in his car, Hamilton waited patiently till he was done to shake his hand, pull him in and clearly give him words of encouragement. What? Lewis being nice to Nico? It sounds pretty unreasonable, but it’s actually only the first of many events in this new budding romance.

That’s because the other routine we’ve become extremely familiar to is Lewis Hamilton’s podium interview. Usually he gets asked a very interesting and perplexing question by an expert pundit and the crowd goes silent in anticipation of an insightful answer. Instead, Hamilton gives us: “firstly I’d like to thank all the fans for their support and this couldn’t be possible without them.” He was obviously well bought up.

Well today, Hamilton again broke the routine to do something different. “but first of all, big congratulations to Nico, he drove fantastically well all weekend and fully deserved the win,” he told fans when Martin Brundle asked him about how he felt finishing 3rd. I am not kidding. For a matter of fact, he didn’t even thank the crowd this time – only mentioning Rosberg, how cute.

To put how often he actually thanks the crowd in perspective, I actually paused the podium today to ask my Mom what would be the first thing Lewis Hamilton would say. As I expected, she replied, “thank the crowd.” What’s really going on Lewis?

But just you wait, there’s more! The post race press conferences have also been considered awkward in previous years – China 2015 is my personal favorite. Rosberg looked engulfed by a demon who would stop at nothing to kill Lewis Hamilton.

So I was just shellshocked to open up my twitter to see a photo of both drivers smiling! Yes, they can actually smile in a press conference, even Lewis Hamilton who got beaten by a Red Bull was smiling – what the hell is going on? You can see the tweet below if your still doubting me!

So tell me, am I playing off to much? Do you think Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg still mortal enemies or have they pulled their heads in? I really don’t know, they’ve just seemed awfully friendly this weekend…

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