Ferrari complete wet weather 2017 tire test at Fiorano

fiorano_tire_testingScuderia Ferrari has completed the first 2017 tire tests for Formula One’s official tire supplier, Pirelli. Pirelli have a rigorous testing schedule ahead of the new 2017 Formula One season because of a 25% increase in the width of the tires for next year.

The two day test took place at Fiorano, Ferrari’s unique and personal test track just out of Maranello. Both days saw Pirelli test their wet and intermediate compounds on an artificially wet track thanks to an advanced sprinkler system.

Regular Ferrari driver, Sebastian Vettel, and Haas F1 Team driver, Esteban Gutierrez, split the driving duties over the two days respectively. Vettel completed 120 laps of the circuit whilst Gutierrez undertook 165 laps on the second day.

Esteban Gutierrez on track for Day 2 of the tire testing.

The car used was a modified 2015 Ferrari SF15-T which has been converted to represent the same levels of downforce which will be present on the cars in 2017. Obviously, a 2017 car couldn’t be used so that Ferrari wouldn’t have a technological advantage over other teams.

This is the first time Pirelli have tested tires equal in size to what we will see in 2017. Pirelli had conducted testing of prototype 2017 elements earlier in the year with 2016 sized tires, also using Ferrari and Fiorano then.

Pirelli’s tire testing will continue straight away with Red Bull Racing conducting a test at Mugello in Italy over Wednesday and Thursday (3rd to 4th of August). This will be the first time Pirelli conduct 2017 dry weather tire testing.

This test will be the 2nd of 10 for Pirelli before the start of the 2017 Formula One season.




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