Williams reveal their 2016 competitor: The FW38

williams_reveal.jpgWilliams-Martini racing have just revealed their 2016 car, the FW38, online on the 19th of February. This comes as a surprise as no prior announcements were made of this release. Williams have released statements online and on their website.

Williams are working hard on this car to fix the woes of 2015 where they struggled at low speed circuits. Chief technical officer Pat Symonds summed up the development saying on an offical Q&A with Williams: “The FW37 was a pretty effective car and so we concentrated on understanding the areas where we could improve it without losing the attributes which made it effective. It is no secret that the low speed performance of the FW37 didn’t match its high speed performance so a lot of time was spent looking into why this was and subsequently making changes, which we hope will improve the situation.”

Williams finished 3rd in the championship in 2015 and will be looking to challenge Ferrari in 2015 with a strong engine and chassis working together effectively.

The reveal comes just 3 days ahead of pre season testing which starts on the 22nd of February at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya in Spain. This will be the first on track action we get of the FW38.

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